Fire It Up

Coming Into May Day Like..

Morning Comrades! Over the course of the next few days I am going to highlight Saturday’s International Worker’s Day, aka May Day. It is an incredibly important day in the year, one rich in history for us all to consider and take into our own reality. The paying comrades received a long history and analysis for the future yesterday but to be sure, I am going to be spending some time on this - that means, you may very well be receiving more emails than usual this week.

For now, I would like to draw your attention to this wonderful piece on Crimethinc, that offers a genuine anarchist account of its history.

Figured we all could use a little Zizek for our Wednesday, so here we go. Zizek discusses the phenomenon of happiness as a strategy to avoid our desire. Get in on this.

Whilst this clip specifically deals with the corruption currently bringing the UK to it’s knees, this applies to every country in Europe and the North America. Take note!

Without any further ado, your selection of hot shots, the fuckening for your radicalization and sharing. Do you your part, share these, talk about these and get out to change this insanity.

I have linked the scientific, peer-reviewed, source material for these two tweets below.